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3M CUNO Water Factory LP 40 Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

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3M CUNO Water Factory LP 40 Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

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The Water Factory Systems LP-40 has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
The CUNO LP40 Commercial RO System design makes it the choice of professionals for a wide range of municipal and rural water supply problems because no electricity or electrical connections are needed. Proper pretreatment is critical to the CUNO LP-40 Reverse Osmosis System performance. All LP Series RO systems include a commercial grade 5.0 micron sediment prefilter. Systems used on chlorinated water supplies must add the two activated carbon filters to remove free chlorine taste and odor. The CUNO Water Factory System's LP 40 commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems feature line-pressure, non-electric operation. The CUNO Water Factory LP40 Reverse Osmosis System is constructed of all U.S. FDA approved materials. The CUNO LP-40 (Line Pressure) Reverse Osmosis Systems can produce up to 40 gallons of high quality water per day using only existing water pressure (rated at 60 psi, 77F (25C) @ 500 ppm). The heavy duty wall mount frame and system design makes periodic maintenance quick and easy. The CUNO LP Commercial Series RO Systems are designed to be used for: Drinking Water, Automatic Coffee Makers, Office Systems, Restaurant Beverage Bar Supply, Water Treatment for Steamers & Espresso, Dentist Office Rinse Water, Misting Applications in Food Stores, Steam Equipment Feed Water, Multi - POU Residential, Humidifier Feed Water, Spot Free Rinsing, Battery Fill Water, Ice-Maker Feed Water, Laboratory Water Supply, Plant Watering Systems and DI Pretreatment. CUNO LP-40 Commercial RO System Includes: System operation is completely automatic when used in conjunction with hydropneumatic (self-pressurizing) type storage tanks. Price is for the RO system only. The RO system includes the RO membrane and the filters. Storage components are ordered separately.
  • Only available for shipping to the contiguous 48 United States
  • Genuine OEM Product
Reduces the following contaminants:
  • Hardness
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Cuno LP40 Reverse Osmosis System Specs:
  • Membrane Type: TFC (Thin Film Composite)
  • Feed water pressure: 40 - 85 psi (275 - 586 kPa)
  • Capacity: 40 gallons per day (150 liters/day) at 77 F (25 C) @ 500 ppm
  • Recovery: 25 - 30%
  • Typical TDS rejection: >96%
  • Feed Water Temperature: 40-100 F (4.4-37.8 C)
  • Cuno LP 40 RO System Feedwater Chemistry Parameters:
  • Feed TDS: Up to 2000 ppm
  • Feed pH: 4.0 -11
  • Hardness: 20 grains or less
  • Free chlorine: non allowable
  • Iron (Fe): <0.1 mg/l
  • Manganese: <.05 mg/l
  • Hydrogen sulfide: none allowable
  • Cuno LP 40 Reverse Osmosis System Stages:
  • Stage 1: The AquaPure AP110 sediment prefilter used in the first housing. Replaces CUNO 56204-04 water filter.

  • Stage 2: The AquaPure AP117 Granular Carbon Filter is used for the 2nd stage. Replaces CUNO 47-211114 water filter.

  • Stage 3: The AquaPure AP117 Granular Carbon Filter is used for the 3rd stage. Replaces CUNO 47-211114 water filter.

  • Stage 4: The 66-4307 40 GPD RO Module is used for the 4th stage.

  • Cuno Water Factory LP 40 Water Filter Change Intervals:
  • The filter change interval will vary due to your water quality and the amount of water used.