Digiflow 8000 Gallon Water Flow Meter

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Measures 8,000 Gallons of water flow to help you know when to change your water filter. The Digiflow 8000T flow meter measures gallons, number of days, and flow rate. The suggested placement of the flow meter is to measure water that is purified or filtered. 3/8-inch MNPT connectors are needed to install the flowmeter onto your tubing. Batteries are included. The flowmeter uses 2 AAA batteries. Mounting Velcro included to mount the flow meter on a wall, cabinet, or another part of your water filtration system.
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Used In Brands Digiflow
Manufacturer's Id 8000T
UPC 799705701694
Actual Size (in) 2.75 inch x 2.5 inch x 2 inch
Filter Life (gallons) 8,000
Filter Life (liters) 30,283.28
Operating Pressure (psi) 7 - 98
Operating Temperature (°F) 40 - 104
Operating Temperature (°C) 4.4 - 40
Flow Rate (gpm) 2
Flow Rate (lpm) 7.571
Includes Batteries, Mounting Velcro

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  1. READ USER GUIDE FOR COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS. Battery Installation: Slide off the cover case and put in 2 AAA batteries. Then, slide the cover case back on
  2. Connection Fitting: Use the DigiFlow 8000T Flowmeter with 3/8-inch MNPT male connectors. Screw one 3/8-inch MNPT male connector into each end of the flowmeter
  3. Setting Capacity & Timing: Press DISPLAY and RESET together. Release; flashing numbers indicate setting mode. Press DISPLAY to choose the capacity. Press RESET to save. Press DISPLAY to choose the timing. Press RESET to save
  4. Flow Meter Operations: The DigiFlow 8000T flow meter will be automatically on when there is any water flowing through the sensor. It will be automatically off when there is no water flowing for 10 seconds
  5. Display Button: Press Display to display the status of the 3 modes of the DigiFlow 8000T
  6. Capacity Mode: Shows the capacity left. Timing Mode: Shows the timing left
  7. Flow Rate Mode: Shows the current flow rate. The sequence in which they display are Flow Rate, Timing, Capacity. Reset Button: Press RESET to reset the setting to be the last setting
  8. Flow Meter Alarms: Noticing Alarm: When Capacity is lower then 30 gallons or Timing is lower than 7 days, the buzzer will beep once and the digit will flash to alert you to prepare to change the filter cartridge
  9. Warning Alarm: When Capacity reaches 0 gallons or Timing reaches 0 days, the buzzer will beep twice and the digit will flash to alert you to change the filter cartridge
  10. Low Battery Power Alarm: When the battery power is lower than normal working level, the buzzer will beep twice to alert you to change the battery. The data will be kept in memory when the battery power runs out or the battery is removed

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