DishFish CP201-1 Dual Scrubber Sponge

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  • Non-scratch abrasive side for tackling tough messes
  • Antimicrobial material to inhibit bacterial growth and offensive smells
  • Fun fish shaped design featuring stand and dry tail
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The DishFish CP201-1 dual scrubber sponge brings the best of kitchen cleaning together in one convenient fun shaped product. the DishFish has an abrasive non-scratch side for scrubbing tough messes and stains while also offering an absorbent foam side for a clean wipe and finish. Featuring power cell technology, the non-scratch scrubber allows water and air to pass through and dry the sponge thereby helping to prevent bacterial growth and retain the strength and integrity of the sponge. This design allows for grase and debris to easily dislodge from the cleaning surface as well. The material is flexible yet resistant to fracturing and break down. The fun design of the sponge features more than just an adorable sponge option, the stand up stay fresh and dry tail drains away water in minutes. Antimocrobial material helps inhibit bacterial growth and unappealing odors. Order your DishFish and say good bye to stains and tough messes.
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Actual Size (in) 4-1/2 inches (Length) x 3-1/4 inches (Width) x 1-1/8 inches (Depth)
Color Blue / Green

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