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Doulton W2326055 Lid Washer

Price $6.99 List Price Price $9.99 Save 30%
Availability: Discontinued
  • Protective water tight seal
  • Replacement washer lid for Doulton HIS and HCS housing
  • Made from food grade materials
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The Doulton W2326055 Lid Washer is a replacement part for the Doulton HIS and HCS housing, an undersink system using the ultracarb and supercarb 2 x 10 short mount candles and a stainless steel countertop housing, respectively. This item is made from food grade EPDM material and forms a protective seal. Order your Doulton W2326055 Lid Washer today!
Package Qty1
Manufacturer's IdW2326055
Actual Size (in)2.4 inches (Outside Diameter) x 1.85 inches (Inside Diameter) x .2086 inch (Thickness)
Actual Size (cm)6.12 x 4.7 x .53
Inside Diameter (inches)1.85
Outside Diameter (inches)2.409
MediaFood Grade EPDM

Reduced Contaminants