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Doulton W9120145 Rio 2000 Replacement 6 pack

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  • Doulton W9120145 cleanable filter elements are designed to reduce suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, and cysts
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The Doulton W9120145 replacement candle set for the RIO 2000 includes six sterasyl candles, two rubber seals, and instructions to install the candles into your RIO 2000. Does not include the carousel/manifold. Rio2000 6 Pack is the replacement filter pack for the Rio2000 module, sold complete in sets of six for ease of replacement. The Doulton Rios unique 6 element filter module is designed to be fitted to the main water supply or cold water pipe underneath the kitchen counter to supply large volumes of healthy, clean water. At the heart of every Doulton ceramic filter is the Sterasyl silver-impregnated ceramic microfilter. The Doulton W9120145 features silver locked within the ceramic structure which inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives the ceramics self-sterilizing properties. Doulton ceramics do not remove the beneficial minerals from the water, ensuring The filtered water is enjoyable to drink and yet safe from harmful impurities. The Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Candles are self-sterilizing filters with submicron filtration.

Ceramic Filter Benefits

Ceramic filters use the natural small pore size of their material to filter contaminants out of your water, Doulton has combined ceramic filter methods with advanced media options like granular activated carbon and heavy metal reduction media to provide filter candles that reduce a wide range of contaminants from your water.

The Doulton Difference


Doulton has been a manufacturer and provider of quality water filters and filter systems since 1826. The company is well known for its range of gravity-fed filter systems and ceramic filter options, distributing ceramic filtration solutions to 140 countries across the globe. Using naturally-occurring raw materials in its filters Doulton actively promotes environmentally-friendly filtration options designed to provide clean drinking water to all of its users.

Package Qty6
Used In BrandsDoulton
Manufacturer's IdW9120145
Actual Size (in)9-2/5 inches (length) x 5-1/2 inches (outside diameter)
Actual Size (cm)22.96 x 13.97
MediaSterasyl ceramic media
Primary Filter MediaSintered Ceramic
Filter Life (gallons)2600
Filter Life (liters)10,000
Filter Life (months)6 months
Micron Rating (Nominal)0.5
Operating Pressure (psi)10 - 125
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi)125
Operating Temperature (°F)41 - 86
Operating Temperature (°C)5 - 37.8
Flow Rate (gpm)1.33
Flow Rate (lpm)5
IncludesSix Sterasyl Candles, Two Rubber Seals, Instructions to install the candles into your RIO 2000
Additional InformationRecommended Cleaning Frequency: Every 3 months, or when flow rate is noticeably lower

Reduced Contaminants

The DOULTON-W9120145 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Bacteria 99.99%
  • Cholera >99.99%
  • Cryptosporidium >99.99%
  • Cysts 99.99%
  • E. Coli >99.99%
  • Giardia >99.99%
  • Klebsiella Terrigena >99.99%
  • Particulates
  • Salmonella
  • Sediment
  • Shigella >99.99%
  • Turbidity >98%
  • Typhoid >99.99%

The DOULTON-W9120145 is comparable with the following part numbers

Rio 2000

The DOULTON-W9120145 fits the following model numbers

Rio 2000

User Guide


  1. The ceramic shell is designed to filter fine particles, bacteria and other contaminants from water. In doing so, the outside can eventually need cleaning evidenced by reduced water flow. When this occurs, simply remove, clean and replace the cartridge
  2. Isolate the water supply to the filter, vent any pressure and unscrew the filter body. Care should be taken, as it will be full of water
  3. The cartridge assembly can now be removed and cleaned, taking care at all times not to contaminate the inside of the unit
  4. Take the assembly to the sink and stand it upright on the base moulding
  5. Loop the supplied brush under one of the six ceramic candles, hold under running water brush filter until clean. Repeat for all candles, taking care not to contaminate the inside of the unit. Filter candles can be removed and cleaned individually
  6. To re-fit the cartridge assembly, ensure that the cartridge assembly is fitted into the sump of the filter with the manifold uppermost
  7. Screw the sump gently into the filter head, ensuring that the manifold locates correctly into the head and tighten until a seal is made. Do not overtighten

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