Everpure Polaria Instant Water Chiller CGCL-1 EV931830

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The Everpure Water Chiller is a Commercial Grade Water Chiller that installs discreetly under almost any sink for ultimate convenience. The Everpure CGCL-1 is a compact, highly efficient water chiller designed for use with any drinking water faucet and installs directly under the kitchen counter, in a well-ventilated cabinet. This Everpure Water Chiller is manufactured with a waterway system utilizing stainless steel components and completely lead-free materials which COMPLIES WITH THE LEAD-FREE DEFINITION in the SAFE DRINKING WATER ACT OF 1986 AND LEAD CONTAMINATION CONTROL ACT OF 1988. The Everpure CGCL-1 Commercial Grade Water Chiller features a whisper-quiet, hermetically sealed, maintenance-free compressor, which uses an ozone-friendly HFC-134 refrigerant.
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Flow Rate (gpm) 1.3
Flow Rate (lpm) 4.92

Reduced Contaminants


  1. This unit is intended to be installed underneath a conventional kitchen sink, in a cabinet not less than 36-inch (914mm) wide (inside dimension)
  2. Connecting lines to be of copper, thoroughly flushed to remove all foreign matter before being connected to cooler
  3. Connect cooler to supply line with a shut-off valve and install a 1/4-inch O. D. (6 mm) tube. Make sure the cold water connecting to the faucet is filtered
  4. Use with an Everpure Commercial Grade Water Filtration System such as the Everpure H300 System (sold separately)

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