3/8 Tube x 3/8 Male x 3/8 Female Angle Stop Feed Adapter

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The FQFA0666F-WF feed supply feed adapter valve is a 3/8-Inch Tube x 3/8-Inch Male x 3/8-Inch Female Angle Stop feed adapter valve. The FQFA0666F-WF is also usable with the John Guest PPASV121212W and other 3/8-Inch Tube x 3/8-Inch Male x 3/8-Inch Angle Stop Feed Adapter Valves. The FQFA0666F-WF feed adapter fitting can be used to connect 3/8-inch tubing to the 3/8-Inch Quick Connect fitting, and the 3/8-inch male, and 3/8-inch female connections can connect to 3/8-inch female and 3/8-inch male connections respectively.
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