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Flojet BW1000A Bottled Water Dispensing System

Price $142.99 List Price Price $203.99 Save 29%
Availability: Discontinued - Free Shipping
The new Flojet Bottled Water Dispensing System is the most compact system you can buy to easily pump water from a bottled water jug. The control box of the system is 6-inch W x 8-inch D. The Flojet Water Pump allows you to easily pump water straight from a 5 Gallon water bottle straight to your Espresso Machine, Coffee Brewer, Refrigerator IceMaker, Refrigerator Door Water Dispenser, Drinking Water Faucet or just about anything else you might need a fresh supply of water for. The Flojet BW1000A dispensing system includes 20 feet of 1/4-Inch Tube and a 6 foot cord with a plug. The system is very easy to install. The Flojet BW1000A bottled water dispensing system has a float switch for automatic shut-off when bottle is empty. Built-in check valve to prevent back flow. Universal seal cap fits most water containers. Compact size for easy mounting. 20 foot discharge hose included.
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsFlojet
Manufacturer's IdBW1000A
Actual Size (in)7.5 inches (length) x 3 inches (height) x 5.5 inches (width)
Actual Size (cm)19.05 x 7.62 x 13.97
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi)40
Flow Rate (gpm)1
Flow Rate (lpm)3.785
Power Requirements115 or 230 VAC, 12 VDC
IncludesSuction wand and hose assembly, Pump module with On/Off switch, 6 foot cord w/plug, 20 feet of 1/4-inch discharge tube, Refrigeration fitting, Universal seal cap: Fits any 3, 5, and 6 gallon plastic water bottle, Installation and maintenance instructions
Additional InformationCycles: 50/60 Hz (AC models). Amp Draw: 12 Volt - 3.0 Amps Max, 115 Volt - 0.5 Amps Max, 230 Volt - 0.25 Amps Max

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