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Flow-Max FMHC-90-5EZ Jumbo 90 Pleated Water Filter Cartridge - 5 Micron

Price $101.99
Availability: In Stock
  • Size 90 Jumbo filter
  • 100% synthetic pleated fiber with no binders, additives, or cellulose
  • Cleanable and reusable
  • Outperforms other filter types such as resin bonded, wound, spun, and melt blown
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The Flow-Max FMHC-90-EZ Jumbo 90 Pleated Water Filter Cartridge utilizes 100% synthetic pleated fiber for increased surface area and dirt-holding capacity. Flow-Max filters are designed for superior performance and outperform other “depth” type filters such as resin bonded, wound, spun, and melt blown. The low pressure drop of this filter allows it to provide the same flow rates within a smaller filtration system as those used with other, same-sized filters. Unlike other filter types, the Flow-Max filter cartridge is cleanable, allowing for it to be reused and only replaced when needed. During the first and subsequent uses, the Jumbo 90 filter cartridge reduces sand, rust particles, sediment, and other contaminants as small as 5 micron. Order today!
Package Qty 1
Used In Brands Flow-Max, Watts
Manufacturer's Id FMHC-90-5EZ
Actual Size (in) 19 1/2 inches (length) x 7 3/4 inches (outside diameter)
Actual Size (cm) 46.53 x 19.685
Media Cleanable, Reusable Filter Material
Primary Filter Media Pleated Fabric
Materials of Construction Center Tubes: PVC, End Caps: Molded Urethane
Micron Rating (Nominal) 5
Operating Temperature (°F) 40 - 140
Operating Temperature (°C) 4.4 - 60
Flow Rate (gpm) 100
Flow Rate (lpm) 378.541

Reduced Contaminants

The WATTS-FMHC-90-5EZ reduces the following contaminants:

  • Dirt
  • Particles
  • Rust and Corrosion
  • Sand
  • Sediment

The WATTS-FMHC-90-5EZ is comparable with the following part numbers

FMHC-90-5 PWPL90M5
HC-PP-90-5 HC/90-AC-5
HC/90-5 HC/90-5W-HF
HC/90-5HT HC/90-5HTM

The WATTS-FMHC-90-5EZ fits the following model numbers



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