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Goldline Reverse Osmosis System (WQA Gold Seal)

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The Goldline Reverse Osmosis System includes faucet, filters, membrane, RO tank, auto shut off valve, quick-connect fittings, installation kit, and installation instructions. The Goldline Reverse Osmosis System reduces barium, chromium III & VI, fluoride, lead, nitrate, nitrite, radium, selenium, and TDS. Produces healthier, better-tasting drinking water and cooking water. Improves flavor of hot and cold beverages including coffee, tea, and juices. The Goldline is a 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System. Osmonics Desal 50 gallons per day TFC membrane. WQA Certified to NSF Standard 58--Gold Seal. Less expensive per glass than bottled water. NSF/Prop 65 lead free, air gap faucet included.

Reduced Contaminants

Installation Guide

User Guide


  1. When it is time to change your filters, use your filter wrench to unscrew the filter housings. DO NOT use the wrench to tighten the housing sumps because you can damage the o-rings
  2. The reverse osmosis TROM-50-WF Membrane should be replaced every two years depending on the quality of your water and if the filters are changed regularly

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