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Harmsco HUR 90 HP Hurricane Filter Housing

Price $2,079.99 List Price Price $2,970.99 Save 29%
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  • 1Filter$2,079.99 
  • 3Filters Price $1,957.06 each
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Hurricane filters are ideal for high solids and when a single jumbo cartridge is desired. Rated for temperatures to 140F (60C) and pressures to 150 psi. Temperature ratings vary and depend on time under load. Temperatures to 250F (121C) can be attained with optional SS Standpipe and Harmsco high temperature cartridge installed.
Package Qty1
Flow Rate (gpm)100
Flow Rate (lpm)378.54
ColorElectropolish Stainless Steel

Reduced Contaminants


  1. Lower flow rates and pressures result in longer cartridge life
  2. Designing to 70-80% of maximum flow will increase overall performance