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Honeywell HC-14 Humidifier Filter

Price $33.99 List Price Price $48.99 Save 30%
Availability: Discontinued
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  • 1Filter$33.99 
  • 3Filters Price $31.98 each
  • 6Filters Price $30.59 each
  • Antimicrobial layer decreases mold and bacteria growth lessening the chance of catching colds and viruses
  • Raise humidity levels easing allergy symptoms, neutralizing bad orders, and relieving itchy, dry skin
  • Replace every 2 months to maintain humidity levels
  • Designed for Honeywell QuietCare Humidifier Series
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The Honeywell HC-14 Humidifier Filter freshens your home environment bringing cool, crisp, moisturized air into your dwelling. The antimicrobial layer boosts your filter into high performance stunting bacteria and mold growth. In addition, this replacement filter eases allergy symptoms, neutralizes bad orders, and relives itchy, dry skin. Replace this filter every 2 months to maintain a fresh, cool environment.
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsHoneywell
Manufacturer's IdHC-14
Actual Size (in)8 x 3 x 14
Actual Size (cm)20-8/25 inches (length) x 7-31/50 inches (width) x 35-14/25 inches (height)
Filter Life (months)2 months
Additional InformationAntimicrobial

Reduced Contaminants

The HONEYWELL-HC-14 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Algae
  • Bacteria
  • Mold Spores

The HONEYWELL-HC-14 is comparable with the following part numbers

HC-14 HC 14
HC14 HC-14N
HC 14N HC14N
Honeywell Filter E

The HONEYWELL-HC-14 fits the following model numbers

QuietCare HCM-6000 HCM 6000 HCM6000
HM3500 HM3600 HCM-6009 HCM 6009
HCM6009 HCM-6009G HCM 6009G HCM6009G
HCM-6011G HCM 6011G HCM6011G HCM-6011i
HCM 6011i HCM6011i HCM-6011WW HCM 6011WW
HCM6011WW HCM-6012i HCM 6012i HCM6012i
HCM-6013i HCM 6013i HCM6013i


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