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HM Digital OP-STOR pH/ORP Electrode Sensor Storage Solution (60cc)

Price $6.95 List Price Price $13.19 Save 47%
Availability: Discontinued
Electrode Storage Solution pH/ORP from HM Digital can be used with HM Digital PH-200 and ORP-200. If you find that your sensor is dry then refill the cap with the OP-STOR storage solution. The size of the pH/ORP Electrode Storage Solution is convenient.
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsHM Digital
Manufacturer's IdOP-STOR
Country of ManufactureSouth Korea
Additional InformationTotal volume: 60 cc, Bottle: Combination twist off and eyedropper style cap, Contents: Specially formulated KCl solution for pH and ORP electrodes (sensors)

Reduced Contaminants

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