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HM Digital ORP-BUF Powder Buffer Solution & ORP Electrode Test Kit

Price $20.69
Availability: In Stock
  • HM Digital ORP-BUF solution is simple to use
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HM Digital's ORP Buffer Solution & Electrode Test Kit is a handy kit that is inexpensive and lightweight. ORP Buffer Solutions from HM Digital come in different variety packs. The quality of your ORP electrode can be easily determined using HM Digital's Buffer Solution and Electrode Test Kit. It comes in a powder form and has an indefinite shelf life.
Package Qty 1
Used In Brands HM Digital
Manufacturer's Id ORP-BUF
MSDS Document Hm Digital Orp-Buf MSDS
UPC 891144000076
Includes 5 packets of +92mV, 5 packets of +265mV, Three empty 100 ml bottles

Reduced Contaminants

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