PH-200 Waterproof pH Meter by HM Digital

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  • Measurement Range: 0-14 pH
  • Can be recalibrated with digital calibration using the push buttons, rather than a screwdriver.
  • Sensor for pH Meter is replaceable with the SP-P2 sensor available below.
  • Large and easy-to-read LCD screen includes simultaneous temperature reading
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The PH200 pH Meter measures pH and temperature. Features auto-ranging three-point calibration (4,7, and 10 pH) with digital fine tuning and automatic temperature compensation (ATC). This meter is ideal for all pH testing, water purification applications, waste water regulation, aquaculture, hydroponics, colloidal silver, labs and scientific testing, pool and spa, ecology testing, boilers and cooling towers, water treatment, wine, coffee, agriculture and more. Includes waterproof housing (IP-67 rating), batteries, lanyard, PH 7.0 buffer, and storage solution in a sponge that is embedded in a clear cap. Always make sure your sensor is kept in the storage solution. If dry, refill the cap with the OP-STOR storage solution. This pH Tester is equipped with auto-off function, data-hold function and low-battery indicator. Order today!
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Used In Brands HM Digital
Manufacturer's Id PH-200
UPC 891144000021
Actual Size (in) 7 3/10 inches (height) x 1 3/10 inches (width) x 1 3/10 inches (depth)
Actual Size (cm) 18.542 x 3.302 x 3.302
Operating Temperature (°F) 32 - 176
Operating Temperature (°C) 0 - 80
Power Requirements 3 x 1.5V Button Cell Batteries (included)
Warranty Guarantee 1-Year Limited Warranty

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User Guide


  1. Always make sure your sensor is kept in an electrode storage solution. If dry, refill the cap with the OP-STOR storage solution
  2. Remove the cap. Press the ON/OFF button
  3. Dip the meter into the water sample, liquid or solution to be tested. Lightly swirl the meter to ensure the removal of trapped air bubbles or electric charges. Do not tap it against the glass
  4. The meter will display a reading almost immediately. Keep the meter in the liquid until the reading stabilizes (approx. 30 seconds) for an accurate reading
  5. NOTE: It is normal for a pH reading to fluctuate and not fully stabilize
  6. Press the HOLD/MODE button while the meter is still in the liquid to keep the current reading to the display. Pressing again will allow the display to change again
  7. The temperature reading is always displayed on the LCD panel during measurement mode, and is shown simultaneously for pH readings. It is not shown when the meter is in calibration mode
  8. The default temperature reading for the meter is in Celsius. To change the temp mode, quickly press the TEMP/CAL button
  9. Dip the meter into the water sample or solution to be measured. The temperature reading will change immediately (unless the solution is at room temp). For very hot or cold liquids, the reading may take slightly longer to stabilize
  10. Press the ON/OFF button to turn the meter off. Shake any excess water off the meter and rinse with distilled or de-ionized water. Put the cap back on

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