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Hydrologic 22096 Carbon filter

Price $97.99 List Price Price $139.99 Save 30%
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The Pre-Evolution KDF/Carbon Filter (HydroLogic 22096) filters chlorine and chloramine disinfectants from water, to prevent damage to your reverse osmosis membrane. The carbon filter also reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and industrial solvents, while the additional KDF media further reduces a greater amount of contaminants. Replace your HydroLogic 22096 filter cartridge regularly to ensure continual filtration and maximum efficiency of your system. The HydroLogic Carbon filter fits the Pre-Evolution Water Filter System. Reduces chlorine taste & odor, and helps reduce chloramines. Activated Carbon with Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) for greater contaminant reduction. Helps reduce low levels of iron and sulfur. Helps maintain the integrity of your Reverse Osmosis System.
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Package Qty 1
Media KDF/Catalytic Carbon
Filter Life (gallons) 7,500
Filter Life (liters) 28,390.58