Hydrotech F-HTF-25 Reverse Osmosis System

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The F-HTF-25 Reverse Osmosis System offers a more advanced treatment process than typical entry level pour-through pitchers or faucet filters. Your water passes through a series of sediment and carbon filters along with a reverse osmosis membrane, producing high quality drinking water. We distribute water filters for the Hydrotech FHTF25 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System. The Hydrotech F-HTF-25 RO System is manufactured by Hydrotech and uses the Hydrotech filters and membrane. The Hydrotech F-HTF-25 Reverse Osmosis System is a 4 stage RO system. The Hydrotech F-HTF-25 uses a TFC 25 GPD RO Membrane. This membrane is yellow with a blue band.


  1. Change your filters and membrane at the recommended frequency
  2. Clean your system occasionally with a product like Sani-System SS96RO, an easy to use, pre-measured, reverse osmosis system sanitizer (purchasable separately)

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