American Plumber W-410-ISF Iron & Sulfur Reduction Whole House Filter

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  • Manganese Reduction: Up to 1 ppm, Iron Reduction: 5 ppm
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The American Plumber W-410-ISF reduces rotten egg and sulfur/hydrogen sulfide odors in water. The American Plumber W-410-ISF filter has a reliable meter that controls the system backwashing cycle. The Iron Sulfur reduction filter increases plumbing and appliance life. The Iron Sulfur reduction filter also increases the life of other water treatment devices. The capacity of the W-410 ISF is 6000 ppm of iron (3000 ppm of manganese). To determine when to regenerate, you divide 6000/conc. of iron and divide the result by 3.785 liters per gallon. This will give you the gallons capacity. You set the capacity gallons dial to the calculated capacity minus one days usage. Example: 1 ppm iron equals 6000 liters capacity divided by 3.785 equals 1585 gallons minus 100 gallons (2 people in household times 50 gallons per person per day) would equal 1485 gallons capacity per regeneration. The unit will use 1/4 pound of potassium permanganate per regeneration so 20 pound will last 80 regenerations. The American Plumber W-410-ISF iron sulfur whole house system reduces staining caused by iron, manganese and sulfur in water. The American Plumber W-410-ISF is a 1 cu. ft. Manganese Greensand Filter with a Mechanical Meter. This filter controls yellow, orange and brown stains caused by iron and black stains from manganese. The automatic Iron Sulfur Whole House Filter backwashes with potassium permanganate to flush out oxidized particles and regenerate itself. For the W-410-ISF, the 20 lbs. Potassium Permanganate (162607) needs to be purchased separately.
Media Greensand
Flow Rate (gpm) 5
Flow Rate (lpm) 18.93
Fitting Size (inches) 1 inch
Power Requirements 120 VAC 50/60 Hz 15 W to 24 VAC 400 mA
Tank Dimensions Resin Tank: 47 inches (height) x 10 inches (width)


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