Katadyn 8013197 PreFilter Strainer

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The Katadyn 8013197 Prefilter Strainer is designed for use with the Katadyn Survivor 06 desalinator which is a small hand-operated watermaker, able to produce over 6 gallons (about 21 liters) of potable water per day from seawater. The Katadyn 8013197 Prefilter Strainer is also used in the Katadyn Hiker Series. The Katadyn Prefilter for the input hose has two parts to it, the weight and the strainer. The Katadyn 8013197 Prefilter strainer may eventually clog and need rinsing. If the unit is hard to pump, either the strainer is clogged or the water is unusually cold or salty.
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