KX Matrikx +10/2 10-250-190-975 Carbon Block Water Filter (9.75-Inch x 2.5-Inch)

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The KX MATRIKX + 10/2 water filter is a good water filter for point-of-use (POU) and Reverse Osmosis Systems. The KX extruded activated carbon block filter 10-250-190-975 can replace GAC (granular activated carbon) or PAC (powdered activated carbon) water filters. The KX MATRIKX + 10/2 water filter surpasses the performance of GAC and PAC water filters. Unlike GAC/PAC filter elements, there is no channeling, fluidizing or release of carbon fines. The 9.75 length x 2.50 wide water filter delivers greater than 98% average chlorine taste and odor reduction at 1.0 GPM for 6,000 gallons (Based on laboratory results). The KX MATRIKX +10/2 water filter is manufactured using the KXI patented, solid-state extrusion process. Enhanched dirt-holding Capacity. Greater than 99.5% reduction of 10 micron particles. The service life of the KX MATRIKX + 10/2 water filter 10-250-190-975 is greatly extended by a layer of prefiltration medium.

Reduced Contaminants

The KX-TECHNOLOGIES-10-250-190-975 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Particles 99.5%


  1. Replace the KX 10-250-190-975 water filter according to your water filter housing system instructions
  2. This cartridge must be flushed for a minimum of 5 minutes prior to use
  3. The KX Matrikx 'The Only Choice' Water Filter should be used only with microbiologically safe and adequately disinfected water. Activated carbon filters are not designed to kill or remove bacteria or viruses
  4. KX MATRIKX + 10/2 carbon block filters should not be autoclaved or steam-sterilized

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