KX Matrikx +5 02-250-125-29 Carbon Block Water Filter (29-Inch x 2.5-Inch)

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  • KX Matrikx +5 02-250-125-29 water filters provide 2 micron nominal particulate filtration and extended life as a fine sediment filter
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The KX MATRIKX +5 filter is made from coconut shell carbon, which creates what many believe to be a sweeter tasting water. Because of the unique pore structure of this carbon, it is well-suited for chemical adsorption, including VOCs, and chlorine taste and odor. The service life of a KX MATRIKX +5 filter is greatly extended by an outer layer of prefiltration medium. The KX MATRIKX +5 is ideal for residential and food service applications where improving the taste of the water is the primary objective.
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Media Extruded Carbon
Primary Filter Media Activated Carbon Block
Micron Rating (Absolute) 5 microns

Reduced Contaminants

The KX-TECHNOLOGIES-02-250-125-29 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Chemicals
  • VOCs


  1. Replace the KX Matrikx +5 02-250-125-29 water filter according to your water filter housing system instructions
  2. This cartridge must be flushed for a minimum of 5 minutes prior to use
  3. The KX Matrikx +5 'A Sweeter Taste' Water Filter should be used only with microbiologically safe and adequately disinfected water. Activated carbon filters are not designed to kill or remove bacteria or viruses
  4. KX Matrikx +5 carbon block filters should not be autoclaved or steam-sterilized

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