Leak Controllers

Leak controllers use sensors to sense when there is a leak and shut your water off. Leak controllers help to prevent water damage by stopping the leak quickly. Insurance agencies recommend installing a leak controller to prevent against home water damage. If you are questioning whether you need a Leak Controller, see our Water Damage Facts below. Homeowners and renters are facing increasing liability exposure to water damage. Water damage from appliances connected to pressurized water lines is increasing dramatically. The Leak Controller system is a very affordable solution to protect your property against water damage. For much less then a one-time insurance deductible, you can install Leak Controller on all of your appliances and fixtures. Leak Controllers can be used on Filter Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Ice Makers, Coffee Machines, Beverage Machines, Toilets, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, etc.

Water Damage Facts:

  1. Water damage is the #1 insurance claim. 
  2. Water damage typically costs $1,000 to $20,000 per event. 
  3. After two water damage claims, insurance will most likely be canceled with new coverage being at least twice as expensive. 
  4. Most states require a mold inspection and water damage disclosure before the sale of property. 
  5. Many properties have fallen out of escrow due to this disclosure. 
  6. Property owners will be entered into a national database after any water damage claim. 
  7. Mold coverage is excluded from most homeowers policies. 
  8. Slow leaks are excluded from most homeowner insurance policies in America.
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