Limescale Water Treatment

What is Limescale?

Limescale is the hard, off-white chalky deposit found in kettles, on air dried cooking utensils, bathroom tiling, hot water heater elements and on the inner surface of old pipes. It can also be found on taps where hard water has been continually running through. Scale is generally caused by hard water.

What are the effects of Lime Scale?

Limescale is unsightly and hard to clean. Lime scale can impair the operation of various components (such as water heater elements) or damage them. In faucets, limescale reduces the flow of water. In kettles, limescale acts as an insulator, impairing heat transfer.

How to treat Lime scale?

Using a water softener will help prevent limescale buildup which will make for lower long term maintenance costs and a longer usage life. To remove limescale from surfaces, use a descaling agent and scouring pad. However, this method may damage underlying surfaces.
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