MT-85 Mold Chek Sampling Kit

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The Mold Chek system is the best method available to collect and detect microscopic mold particles that you can't see. Use Mold Chek to take a dust sample of your carpet or floor. After receiving your sample, Health Chek, LLC uses an accredited laboratory to determine the type and amount of mold spores present. The MT-85 test kit is thorough and easy to use and lets you inexpensively sample your home and receive a similar analysis to those done by professional environmental inspectors for a lot less money. When mold is present in your home or workplace, you may not be able to see it, but you may be feeling it--in continual respiratory illnesses, persistent cough, asthma-like or breathing difficulties, allergic reactions and general malaise. The Airborne Mold Analysis Kit contains: A sealed sampling unit with mold collection device, complete and detailed instructions, a Consumer Information Handbook on Mold and Mold Contamination and a postage-paid mailer for laboratory testing. Mold Chek results inform you of the likelihood of mold contamination, approximately how much mold was in the carpet, what type of mold was in the carpet and if toxic mold might be present. To use the Mold Chek Sampling Kit requires a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. There is an additional fee for lab testing.
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  1. Collect samples from your home by attaching the sampling unit to your vacuum hose
  2. Then vacuum an X in every room from corner to corner, over carpet and hard flooring
  3. Remove the unit from the vacuum and send the sample, in the postage-paid envelope, to the lab for professional analysis
  4. There is an additional fee of $39 for the lab test. Step 3: Review your detailed lab report and recommendations

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