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OmniFilter OW30 Filter Wrench

Price $12.99 List Price Price $18.99 Save 31%
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Quality filter housings do a great job of keeping water leaks at bay, but they can be a real bear to unscrew when it's time to install a new filter. Of course, you could drive all over town searching for a gigantic pipe wrench, or you could just pick up a wrench that fits your housing perfectly. The OmniFilter Filter Wrench fits Omni water filter systems. Replaces the discontinued OmniFilter OW1 housing wrench. Perfect for loosening a stuck filter housing.
More Information
Package Qty 1
Used In Brands OmniFilter
Manufacturer's Id OW30
UPC 047087300814
Actual Size (in) 3 3/4 inches (inside diameter)
Actual Size (cm) 9.525
Inside Diameter (inches) 3.75
Country of Manufacture China

The OW30 is comparable with the following part numbers

150294-127 CBF1 CBF20 CBF3
OB1 OT32 OW30 R12
R14 RO2000 RO2000-TDS SFM2
U30 OW30-R6-05