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Omnipure Q5640-60 Coconut Carbon GAC Water Filters

Price $100.00
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The Omnipure 5640-60 filter has a different thread size than standard Omnipure filters. The '-60' indicates a different thread pattern. To change your -60 filter to the less expensive standard Omniupure Q5640 filter, make a one time purchase of the standard valved head. The Q5640 filter removes the same contaminants as the Q5640-60 filter. The cost of the replacement Q5640 filter and valved head is less than the cost of one replacement Q5640-60 filter. Replacing the valved head is easy. Simply remove the four screws that hold the valved head to the bracket and screw on the Standard Omnipure Q-Series Filter Head. We only carry the standard Omnipure filters and not the -60 replacement filters. Measure the diameter of your water line to determine whether you need the 1/4-Inch or 3/8-inch Valved Head (Find the diameter by laying a ruler flat over the top of the water line). You'll need to purchase a new valved head for each of your filters, if you have multiple filters. Based on your filter connection type, choose either the quick connect fitting valved head or female pipe thread fitting (FPT) valved heads.

Reduced Contaminants


  1. Each time you change your filter, clean and apply silicone food grade lubricant, such as OR-LUBRICANT-LG or OR-LUBRICANT-SM, generously to both the small and large o-ring in the Q-Series Head
  2. It is recommended that you replace the Omnipure H-118 O-Ring, every time you change your filter
  3. The H-118 O-Ring is the larger of the two o-rings in the Q-Series Head System
  4. If you do not replace the H-118 O-Ring, you may experience leaking because the o-ring adjusts to the shape of the old filter, which may be slightly different than the new filter
  5. The Omnipure H-011 O-Ring is the smaller o-ring in the Q-Series Head
  6. Inspect this o-ring for any signs of damage, and replace as needed