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Pentek 158133 1/4-Inch #5 Clear/Blue Water Filter Housing

Price $29.99 List Price Price $42.84 Save 29%
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  • The Pentek 158133 uses any 5-inch L x 2.5-inch W sediment or carbon drinking water filter
  • The Pentek 158133 housing has 1/4-inch inlet/outlets in the blue reinforced polypropylene cap
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The Pentek 158133 5-inch housing is perfect for applications in RVs or campers, boats, small sinks, countertop residential filtration, pre- and post-reverse osmosis filtration, or humidifying systems. The Pentek 158133 does not come with a pressure relief button. The Pentek 158133 Slim-Line water filter housing has outstanding chemical compatibility and is ideal for use in a variety of low flow applications. The Pentek 158133 features a clear sump, making it easy to see the condition of the filter and water flow. This eliminates the hassle of removing the sump to check if the filter needs to be changed. The water filter cartridge is not included with the housing--this allows you to purchase the best water filter for your water supply. Leaking is prevented by the dynamically sealing O-Ring. The O-Ring should be replaced periodically to prevent leaks. Two number 5 housings can be connected with a pipe nipple or pipe union. There are several pipe nipples available that can be used to connect two number 5 Standard Housings. Use the NP-14 pipe nipple to connect two number 5 Housings with 1/4-inch inlet/outlets.
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsPentek
Manufacturer's IdSLIM-CLEAR-14-WPR5
Actual Size (in)7 3/8 inches (length) x 4 5/8 inches (outside diameter)
Actual Size (cm)18.73 x 11.7475
Materials of ConstructionO-Ring: Buna-N, Cap: Reinforced Polypropylene, Housing: SAN
Operating Pressure (psi)30 - 125
Operating Temperature (°F)40 - 125
Operating Temperature (°C)4.4 - 51.7
Flow Rate (gpm)3.00
Flow Rate (lpm)11.36
Fitting TypeNPT
Fitting Size (inches)1/4 inch

Reduced Contaminants

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User Guide


  1. Easy to install number 5 Slim Line Clear Water Filter System
  2. The housing is 7-3/8-inch L x 4-5/8-inch W (187 mm x 118 mm). You will need to allow slightly more room in addition to the housing dimensions for installation
  3. 1/4-inch inlet/outlet for easy installation on a cold water line
  4. A SL-BR mounting bracket is recommended for installation of the whole house housing