Pentek GP802AL3 Aluminum Filter Bag Housing

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The Pentek GP802AL3 bag filter vessel system is made out of aluminum housing material. The Pentek GP802AL3 aluminum bag filter housing has a 3-inch inlet/outlet and uses Size number 2 filter bags. Size number 2 filter bags are 7-inch W x 32-inch L. The Pentek GP802AL3 bag housing has a stainless steel filter basket, a viton cover seal, and a hinged cover with swing bolt closures. Aluminum housings are sturdy and should be used in water with 6.5 to 8.5 pH with a TDS under 500. If the housing is not used in these conditions, aluminum can corrode. Use this Pentek GP802AL3 filter bag housing for commercial, industrial, and process applications such as coolants, chemicals, solvents, process water, ground water, edible oils, lube oils, and hydraulic oils. Aluminum is especially effective in water and water-based applications such as machine tool coolants and cooling towers.
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UPC 799932591105
Flow Rate (gpm) 220
Flow Rate (lpm) 832.79
Color Aluminum


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