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Pentek ChlorPlus-20BB Carbon Block Chloramine Reduction (20-inch x 4.5-inch) - 1 Case/4 Filters

Price $498.79
Availability: Special Order Item

Price as configured $498.79

Chloramine is increasingly becoming more common as an alternative to chlorine for water treatment. The Pentek ChlorPlus 20BB filter can be used to reduce chloramine in your water supply. The Pentek ChlorPlus 20BB carbon block cartridges help reduce sediment while providing greater chloramine performance capacities than granular carbon. They also significantly reduce the carbon fines found in many granular canisters. The Pentek ChlorPlus 20BB filter cartridge is a nominal 1 micron chloramine reduction water filter cartridge.
Package Qty 4
Media Bonded PAC
Primary Filter Media Activated Carbon Block
Flow Rate (gpm) 2
Flow Rate (lpm) 7.57

Reduced Contaminants

User Guide


  1. For drinking water applications, do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system
  2. Protect water against freezing to prevent cracking of the filter and water leakage

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