Pentek OAC-20BB Oil Adsorbing Water Filter (1 Case / 6 Filters)

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The OAC-20BB filter chemically bonds specifically with hydrocarbons and other pollutants such as dissolved and dispersed oils from water. The Pentek OAC-20BB provides instantaneous adsorption, more effective than activated carbon. The Oil Adsorbing Pentek OAC20-BB water filter cartridge typically reduces hydrocarbon contamination up to 90-95 percent in a single pass. Lower outlet levels of hydrocarbons can be achieved by connecting cartridges in series. Higher flow rates also can be achieved by connecting cartridges in parallel. Removes dissolved and dispersed oils. Low pressure drop. Media can hold 250-300 percent of its own weight, with no release of removed hydrocarbons. Certain applications may require pre-filtration. Change-out frequency will depend on the oil burden they have to handle. Because no appreciable increase in pressure drop is observed during service life, the filter must be changed when its adsorption capacity is exhausted. NOTE: Operating flow will vary based on applications, type of pollutants, flow rates and level of contamination. Safe and acceptable disposal method to meet all local and EPA regulations is recommended. End user is responsible for safe disposal of used cartridge at user's cost. Commercial and Industrial Applications for Oil Absorption Filters include gas and oil facilities, leisure/commercial shipping bilge water, surface water runoff (truck stops, airports, parking lots), auto service stationsm, machine shops, industrial processes, factories and repair shops, and car and truck washes.
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