Pentek PE1HE3 Polyester High Efficiency Filter Bags (20 Bags/Case)

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  • Pentek PE1HE3 Polyester High Efficiency bag filters are compatible with a broad range of corrosive fluids including organic solvents, oils, acids, alkalis, microorganisms, and oxidizing agents
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The Pentek PE1HE3 bag filters are rated to 1 micron (nominal). The Pentek PE1HE3 bag filter has a stainless steel ring sewn in at the top of the filter bag. The filter bag also comes with a handle for fast, easy bag filter changes. The PE1HE3 filter bag is made of FDA-compliant materials. The PE1HE3 high efficiency filter bags have a composite construction of microfiber, felt, and spun-bonded materials to hold 3 to 4 times more dirt than standard bags. The Pentek PE1HE3 Polyester Felt Filter Bags are Size number 3 which means they are 4-1/8 inches in diameter and 8 inches in length. The bag filter area is 0.5 square feet. The Pentek PE1HE3 Polyester High Efficiency Filter Bags can withstand temperatures up to 250F. There is an initial pressure drop of less than 0.8 psi for the maximum rated flow at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Differential pressure of 15 psi indicates the filter bag needs to be changed.
Package Qty 20
Primary Filter Media Polyester
Flow Rate (gpm) 10
Flow Rate (lpm) 37.85


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