Pentek U440 FreshPoint Ultrafiltration Whole House Water System

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  • Multi-bore membrane structure combines seven single capillaries into one resistant structure to maximize membrane integrity virtually eliminating the potential for fiber breakage.
  • Requires only normal line pressure to operate. Low pressure drop & High flow rates.
  • The electronic metered controller is included with the UltraFiltration system. The controller has a bright 7 digit VFD display with user panel utilizing LED status/programming indicators.
  • Diagnostic display for Totalized Flow, Instantaneous Flow Rate, Days Since Last Flush, Prior Service Volume, Previous Days Water Usage. 9V battery backup maintains time of day.
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The Pentek U440 Ultrafiltration System is an advanced Point of Entry (POE) water treatment device designed to improve the water quality in the entire home. The Pentek U440 Filter System uses ultrafiltration membrane technology to provide a physical barrier to particles, large dissolved molecules, most colloids, and impurities as small as 0.025 microns. The Pentek U440 requires minimal maintenance and will provide years of clean, safe, and better tasting water. To maximize membrane capacity and service life, a metered flushing cycle is controlled using an advanced controller and high-performance turbine meter. The self-cleaning forward and back-flush cycles are initiated when the programmed capacity of the membrane is reached. The Pentek U440 Ultrafiltration System's advanced electronic controller provides a programmable day override which allows the unit to flush every day with fresh water when the system is not in use. The Pentek U440 system employs hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membrane technology to reduce turbidity, particulates and cysts. The Pentek U440 Ultrafiltration Water System can be applied to solve known water problems including high turbidity, suspended solids, and certain microbiological contaminants. It can also serve as a flushable prefilter to extend the life of media filters downstream. The Pentek U440's high-performance industrial fiberglass housing is pressure rated to 300 psi. Inside the housing, the membrane is sealed with double radial o-rings, minimizing the potential for leak paths. The Pentek U440 Ultrafiltration System has quick-connect end caps which allow the membrane to easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. The Pentek U440 Ultrafiltration System's electronic metered self-cleaning cycle flushes only when needed, using less than 7 gallons per flush cycle. Professional-grade housing, controller and flush valve.
Package Qty 1
Flow Rate (gpm) 6
Flow Rate (lpm) 22.71
Fitting Type NPT
Fitting Size (inches) 3/4 inch

Reduced Contaminants

The PENTEK-U440 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Cysts
  • Particles
  • Particulates (Class I) 99.99%
  • Solids
  • Turbidity

User Guide


  1. The Pentek U440 needs to be flushed on a schedule dependent on the quality of water being treated
  2. Pretreatment of the Pentek U440 water system with a 10-30 micron filter is recommended
  3. The Pentek 20 Big Blue whole house system with a 20 micron filter should be installed before the Pentek UltraFiltration system
  4. The 20 micron sediment filter reduces sediment out of the water before it reaches the UltraFiltration system
  5. This preserves the membrane in the UltraFiltration system
  6. The Pentek U440 Ultrafiltration system is not intended as the permanent primary treatment of water from a source that is contaminated, such as from radon, pesticides, insecticides, sewage, or wastewater

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