PG15L25 Pressure Gauge 0-200 PSI with 1/4-Inch Lower Mount

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Watts PG15L25 Pressure Gauge 0-200 PSI with 1/4-Inch Lower Mount. The Stainless Steel PG15L25 Pressure Gauge with brass fittings helps to determine when to change your filters. The Watts PG15L25 Pressure Gauge has a 1/4-Inch MNPT stem at the bottom of the gauge for hookup to your water filtration system. The PG15L25 Pressure Gauges are designed for applications such as Reverse Osmosis, Oil Refining, Chemical, Food Processing plants, Water Treatment, and more.
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  1. Attach a T-fitting to your existing plumbing so there is an extra pipe extension available. The extension should be a quarter inch diameter fitting. The lower mount pressure gauge fits onto this pipe extension, measuring the water pressure at that point
  2. Depending on your application, you may choose to add multiple pressure gauges in this manner
  3. For example, you might put a pressure gauge before and after a water filter housing to find the pressure drop across the housing. This can be useful in determining whether the filter in the housing needs to be changed
  4. When there is excessive pressure drop, then you will know it is time to change the filter

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