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POLARIS UV-80B Ultraviolet Sterilization System

Price $100.00
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  • Polaris UV-80B UltraViolet Systems feature durable construction with high quality quartz sleeves and performance lamps
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The POLARIS UV-80B Ultraviolet Sterilization System features six 39 Watt UV lights and a cabinet base with timer. Polaris Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems utilize natural quartz sleeves to protect the lamps and allow the maximum amount of UV rays to penetrate and disinfect the water. Polaris Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems inactivate microorganisms within seconds with no harmful chemicals or by-products. The Polaris UV-80B has high output, low pressure mercury vapor lamps with high isolation pin design. Polaris Ultraviolet Systems provide a compact design and economical ultraviolet water treatment for low flow and medium flow applications such as light commercial RO systems, water vending machines, food industry, laboratory, medical facility water, pharmaceutical, cosmetic processes, final electronic component rinsing, recirculation loops and more. The Polaris UV-80B Ultraviolet Sterilization System produces little change in water temperature even after prolonged periods of no water flow, making it ideal for many application requirements. The Polaris UV-80B Water Treatment System may also be configured for TOC reduction in high purity or ultra pure water processes. The UV-80B Polaris Ultraviolet System features audible ballast with LED lamp out indicator. The Polaris UV-80B System features a compact design with 304 Stainless Steel Reactor Chambers which are polished for laboratory and medical use. The UV-80B is designed for easy servicing, no need to turn off water flow to change the UV lamps. The Polaris UV-80B has open end quartz sleeves and stainless gland nuts. The Polaris UV-80B System provides operating temperature and sealing efficiency. The Polaris UV-80B Ultraviolet System uses six Polaris GL39SE4P Replacement UV Lights and six Polaris QS39 Replacement UV Quartz Sleeves.