PUR FM-8400 Faucet Filter System

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The PUR FM-8400 faucet mount water filter system easily attaches directly to your faucet without tools. THe PUR FM-8400 faucet water filter has a chrome finish. The PUR FM-8400 has an automatic safety monitor to alert you when to change the water filter cartridge. The PUR FM-8400 faucet filter has a bypass feature that allows you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water. The PUR FM-8400 reduces chemicals linked to increased cancer risk, lead, and 99.99 percent of the microbiological cysts cryptosporidium and giardia while leaving beneficial fluoride in the water. The PUR FM8400 is a horizontal mount water filter system which includes one filter. The PUR FM-8400 faucet filter system filters up to 100 gallons (378 Liters) or approximately 2-3 months of water. The replacement filter for this PUR FM-8400 faucet filter system is the PUR RF-9999 faucet filter.

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