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Purolite C-100H Deionization Resin (52 lbs/1 Cubic Foot)

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Purolite MB400IND Deionization Resin (44 lbs/1 Cubic Foot)

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$499.00 (Retail Price: $598.00 )
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Purolite MB400IND Deionization Resin combines decades of expertise and modern manufacturing technology to supply one of the best TDS reduction resins available. MB400IND is the most widely used Deionization resin, it is ideal for the removal of mineral ions by using the ion exchange process. Using a mixed bed of anion and cation resins, ions, salts and minerals can be entirely removed from water. If you use an RO membrane, the RO membrane has a direct impact on the life-span of the DI. The RO membrane can remove about 95-99% of TDS (minerals) in your water. When a deionization filter is used after the RO membrane, you can expect almost 100% removal of the TDS.
  • Reduces TDS
  • Polymer Structure: Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene
  • Appearance: Spherical beads, black and blue beads turn amber in color when exhausted
  • Genuine OEM Product
Used In Brands Purolite
Manufacturer's Id DI-RESIN
UPC 799932597381
Media Cation Exchange Resin
Additional Information Functional Group: Sulphonic acid, Ionic Form as Shipped: H+, Uniformity Coefficient (max.): 1.7, Temp Limit, H+ Form: 120 C (250 F), Moisture Retention, H+ Form: 51-55 %, Specific Gravity: 1.2 g/ml, Total Capacity, Na+ Form (min.): 2 eq/l (43.67 kGr/ft3),