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Purolite C100EFM Fine Mesh Water Softener Resin (50 lbs/1 Cubic Foot)

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Purolite C100EFM Fine Mesh Water Softener Resin (50 lbs/1 Cubic Foot)

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$198.49 (Retail Price: $248.99 )
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Fine mesh softener resin permits greater exposed surface area exchange sites resulting in higher kinetics than conventional resin yielding greater ferrous iron removal while providing the same softening capability. Fine mesh water softener resin for water softeners treating water with iron or for treating extremely hard water. Higher Operating Capacities. Minimal Salt Requirements. Faster Kinetics. More Effective Iron Removal. Shallower Bed Requirements. Less Rinse Water Needed.
  • Appearance: Spherical Beads
  • Application: Softening of Water; Fine mesh cation
  • Polymer Structure: Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene
  • Genuine OEM Product
Used In Brands Purolite
Manufacturer's Id C100EFM
UPC 799932597374
Additional Information Functional Group: Sulphonic acid, Ionic Form as Shipped: Sodium, Uniformity Coefficient (max.): 1.6, Temp Limit, H+ Form: 120 C (250 F), Moisture Retention, Na+ Form: 45 - 50%, Specific Gravity: 1.27 g/ml, Total Capacity, Na+ Form (min.): 1.9 eq/l (41.5 k

The C100EFM is also known by the following part numbers:

  • 21499, C100EFM