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Purtrex PX50-9-7/8 Water Filters (1 Case/40 Filters)

Price $79.99
Availability: In Stock

Price as configured $79.99

Purtrex Depth Cartridge Filters consist of thermally bonded microfibers of polypropylene which create a strong, secure cartridge that traps particles throughout its depth. The PX50-9-7/8 water filter has a high dirt-holding capacity which means longer life and fewer changeouts. The Purtrex PX50-9-7/8 filter incinerates to trace ash for easy disposal. The Purtrex PX50-9-7/8 filter contains no wetting agents, solvents, antistatic agents or binders. Typical applications for the PX50-9-7/8 water filter include: potable water filtration, chemical filtration, plating baths and amine filtration.
Package Qty 40
Primary Filter Media Polypropylene

Reduced Contaminants


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