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Rainsoft Hydrefiner P-6 Water Filters

Price $100.00
Availability: Discontinued - Free Shipping
The KX MATRIKX CERAMIKX SC 20-185-125-083 Ceramic Water Filter may be used in place of the RainSoft Hydrefiner P6 Water Filter. The KX MATRIKX 20-185-125-083 filter is 9.80 L x 2.50 W. It has a 0.2 Micron Nominal Filtration Rating and reduces cysts. The filter is reusable and can be cleaned with the wipe of a sponge. The KX water filter has a BST Screw-in Cap at the top. The nipple must be removed from the RainSoft P-6 system to use the KX filter. The RainSoft 9246, 9277, 9751, 9755, 9765, 9791, 9794, 9865, 9868, 12468, 12530, 14530, 17365, 142197, 167553, 226679 Hydrefiner Water Filtration Systems and Filters use the comparable RainSoft P-6 water filter. The two cartridge RainSoft Hydrefiner V2 P6 system uses different filters than the single stage Hydrefiner system. The RainSoft twin cartridge V2 P6 water filters are the P5-10-WF and the CBC-10-WF.


  1. The threaded part in the top of the housing cap is a 'nipple'
  2. It may come out with the filter or with the housing. Whichever one it is in after the filter is removed, the nipple can then be taken from the other item
  3. It is just a small section of threaded tube. The nipple must be used with the P-6-R replacement filter