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Tier1 Water Whole House Systems are configurable, ensuring your filtration solution meets your specific needs. Depending on the configuration you select, your system features stages of powerful filtration, including sediment reduction, carbon and KDF filtration, salt-free softening, and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. Tier1 Water systems are easy to install and maintain, ensuring clean water throughout your home is effortless. Each system arrives to you complete, self-contained, pre-filled with filtration media and ready to use.

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  • Viqua S200RL Replacement Lamp

    (Retail Price: $102.00 ) $99.00
  • Viqua S410RL Replacement UV Lamp

    (Retail Price: $137.99 ) $115.00
  • Tier1 3/4-inch Flexible Plumbing Connector

    (Retail Price: $14.99 ) $10.99
  • Tier1 3/4-inch Steel Nipple Connection

    (Retail Price: $13.99 ) $9.99
  • Tier1 3/4-inch uPVC Double Union Ball Valve

    (Retail Price: $15.99 ) $11.99
  • Tier1 100 Ion Exchange Resin (25 Liter Bag)

    (Retail Price: $104.99 ) $86.99