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Rusco 1.5CST-CR Chemically Resistant Sediment Trapper Filter Cover

Price $100.00
Availability: Discontinued - Free Shipping
The Rusco 1.5CST-CR filter cover is a replacement filter cover for Rusco Chemically Resistant Sediment Trapper Sediment Filter Systems with 1.5-inch inlet/outlets. This Rusco filter cover is only for chemically resistant sediment trapper Rusco filtration systems. The Rusco 1.5CST-CR cover is easily removed for complete cleaning or for replacement. No tools are required. Rusco Chemically Resistant Sediment Filter covers are made of a high impact polymer resin for maximum strength and durability. The Rusco 1.5CST-CR cover has a 1/2-inch MPT nipple on the bottom of the cover that allows for connection of a plastic ball valve for easy cleaning and flushing of the system.
Fitting Size (inches)1-1/2 inches

Reduced Contaminants