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SB-2 Water Bottle with Filter (16 oz.)

Price $100.00
Availability: Discontinued - Free Shipping
Quick and refreshing water on-the-go. Fill the SB-2 water bottle with water from your tap for purer and healthier drinking water. Quickly filters your water for pure, healthy water on-the-go or while working out. The SB-2 filtered water bottle is a great sport bottle for a hockey water bottle, football water bottle, soccer water bottle, hiking water bottle, biking water bottle, or basketball water bottle. 16 oz. portable squeeze-bottle with replaceable water filter. Reduces chlorine taste and odor. Reduces bad taste and odor from drinking water. Aids in the reduction of Lead & Mercury. If you would like a larger water bottle, see the 27 oz. Culligan SB-3 water bottle.


  1. Remove the water bottle filter from the sealed plastic bag
  2. Attach the water bottle filter to the water bottle cap
  3. Run two water bottles full of water through the water bottle filter before use