Scale Doctor Salt Free Water Conditioner SD-100

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  • Better clean with no chemicals
  • Eco-friendly salt free water treatment!
  • Reduces existing scale and helps prevent further build up
  • Low maintenance costs
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The Scale Doctor Salt Free Water Conditioner SD-100 is a revolutionary new system in the world of water treatment. Treat your water and resolve your hard water problems without the need for costly salt infusion by utilizing tri-wave technology. Tri -wave technology causes the polar water molecules in your pipes to move much faster than the non-polar calcium and magnesium molecules they would normally bond with. The non-polar molecules will be left free in the solution, no longer wanting to cluster and create damaging scale deposits, effectively removing existing scale and helping prevent future build up. Installation is simple, just coil the wire around a point of entry water pipe, plug in the system, and it will go to work. Scale and hard water can cause serious damage to your appliances and pipes, protect your home with the Salt Free Water Conditioner Scale Doctor SD-100, order today!
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Manufacturer's Id Scale Doctor SD# 150
UPC 712038251513
Actual Size (in) 9 (Length) x 5 (Width) x 2.5 (Height)
Actual Size (cm) 22.86 (Length) x 12.7 (Width) x 6.35 (Height)
Power Requirements 110/220 V
Includes Extra zip ties and two screws with anchors for installation

Reduced Contaminants


  1. Locate where water supply enters the building before branching off to the water heater or other lines. (Note: if currently using a filtration system the SD-100 can be installed on either side of the system but it is recommended to install after any of these devices for best performance)
  2. Wrap the coil wire provided clockwise are the water pipe. (70 wraps for copper and galvanized pipe and 60 wraps for PVC, CPVC, PEX or any nonmetallic pipe)
  3. Use included cable ties to hold the wire in place on the pipe.
  4. After wrapping of coil is complete, Scale Doctor can be mounted to nearby wall or simply hang from the pipe the coils are installed on.
  5. Connect coil wires to the Scale Doctor with one end of the coil in the black connector and the other end in the red connector.
  6. After coils are connected install the power adapter to the Scale Doctor and the AC system within your house.
  7. System will power up and display FP to indicate proper operation. If the unit displays OC (Open Coil) or OL (Over Load) disconnect the power supply and refer to the troubleshooting section of manual included with item.

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