Do I need to buy the same brand water filter?

No. There are a few main water filter manufacturers and many distributors take identical water filters and put different brand names on the water filters. The most important thing is to ensure that the size of your water filter housing and the water filter replacement cartridge are the same. Also, make sure the replacement filter cartridge reduces the same contaminant in your water.

How do I select the right replacement filter for my system?

The hardest part about owning any type of water filter is finding the replacement filter cartridge that fits. We have matched our products with their replacement filter cartridges, so the replacement water filters are quick and easy to find.

If you need to find a replacement filter cartridge for a water filter purchased at a different store, follow these steps or go to our Find My Filter page. First, look for a picture of your water filter or the replacement filter cartridge on our site. Second, measure your replacement filter cartridge to ensure that it fits the specifications of the water filter listed on our site. We have a Search By Brand page and a Search By Picture page to help you find the correct water filter. If you still cannot find your replacement filter cartridge or if you need some replacement parts for your filter, contact us at We will be happy to assist you.