C' Style Aluminum Clamp SV-11 Self Piercing 3/8-Inch Saddle Valve

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The SV-11 is a C-style self piercing saddle valve with a 3/8-inch male compression fitting. The SV-11 C-frame saddle valve is a time saver to installers. It fits 3/8-inch - 5/8-inch copper tubing and uses a 3/8-inch take-off compression nut to fit on 3/8-inch outside diameter tubing. Install it inline after the cold water shut-off valve. Mount and tighten the self piercing valve on the copper line in an easy to reach place. Turn the saddle valve clockwise all the way in. This drives the sharp end of a sharp metal piece into the copper tubing and will pierce a tiny hole. This is the 'OFF' position for your new RO system. Turn counter-clockwise to open and turn on. This saddle tapping valve is not designed for installation on flex line tubing. Do not turn valve handle before or while installing saddle-tapping valve. Make sure piercing lance does not protrude beyond rubber gasket before installing valve.
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  1. Hold back plate against tube
  2. Hold valve saddle against tubing in a position directly opposite back plate
  3. Tighten screw enough so valve saddle and back plate are held securely against tube. Tighten screw firmly. Do not crush tube
  4. Slide nut and sleeve onto tubing. Install insert into plastic tubing. Install tube with insert and sleeve into valve body. Thread compression nut onto valve body. Tighten. Turn saddle-tapping valve handle until it is seated and piercing lance is extended
  5. Supply line is pierced and valve is closed. Do not open valve until system is activated. Turn on cold water supply. Check saddle-tapping valve installation for leaks. Allow water to run from faucet to clear any debris in the line caused by installation
  6. If flow from sink faucet is reduced, clean faucet aerator

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