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Sensafe Arsenic 481396-5 Quick Check (5 tests) Water Test

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Using cutting-edge chemistry, the Sensafe Arsenic Quick test reports accurate results in only 12 minutes. EPA/ETV tested and approved, the Arsenic Quick test kit saves you time and money without sacrificing accurate results that could save your life. The Sensafe Arsenic Test Kit comes with 5 tests. Total test time is 12 minutes. Sensafe Part number 481396-5. Arsenic Quick Test water quality testing was designed to give the user accurate results without sacrificing cost and time. There are no dangerous chemicals needed to run this kit to test water quality. With only one simple test procedure (using 3 reagents), Arsenic Quick is a must for any lab testing water quality, water testing professional, or service technician who values accurate, rapid results without sacrificing cost.
Package Qty1
Manufacturer's Id481396-5
IncludesComes with 5 test kits.

Reduced Contaminants

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