Sulfur Water Treatment

How do I know if I have Sulfur Problems with my Water?

Sulfur has a rotten egg smell and odor that can be caused by hydrogen sulfide in the water. Sulfur can be hard to remove from your water. The rotten egg smell can also be coming from your hot water heater. If the hot water heater is the culprit, you will need to fix the part in the hot water heater that is causing the sulfur odor.

There are a few different strategies for reducing excessive sulfur from your water.

Solution 1: For water with up to 5 ppm (parts per million) of iron as well as considerable amounts of sulfur, which is usually the source of rotten egg smell in your water. This solution is a great long-term solution and will save money in the long run. Use the W-410-ISF System available below.

Solution 2: KDF-85 filters can also be used to reduce hydrogen sulfide in water. Below is a list of multiple KDF-85 water filters. These filters should be installed in whole house housings. The life of the filter will depend on the amount of hydrogen sulfide in your water. The more hydrogen sulfide you have in your water, the faster the KDF-85 media will become exhausted and the filter will need to be replaced.
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