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WaterFilters.NET Gravel Water Treatment Media (50 lbs)

Price $100.00
Availability: - Free Shipping
Support Gravel Water Treatment Media is a high purity, reliable quality gravel that makes this media great for filtration applications. Support gravel, the lower strata of a filter bed, acts to support the filter medium. The support gravel must possess the necessary attributes of hardness and be rounded or non-angular. Meets AWWA Specifications. Gravel media is cleansed to remove all shale, clay, and inorganic impurities. Gravel media is available in 3 sizes: 1/8-inch x 1/16-inch Fine Gravel, 1/4-Inch x 1/8-inch Medium Gravel, or 1/2-inch x 1/4-Inch Coarse Gravel.