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Tier1 Brand Replacement Filter for 03FIL1300, 17-2482, 25393, 303557, 817-3501, CCP269 & R173431

Price $20.99 List Price Price $29.99 Save 30%
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Fits systems that use 5-inch diameter by 9 1/4-inch length filters
  • Worry-free sediment reduction for 3 months
  • Cost-effective replacement
  • Pleated filter design captures and retains more particles
  • Pleats can be rinsed to prolong effective life
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Tier1 PAS-1444 Replacement Pool and Spa Filter fits systems that use 5-inch diameter by 9 1/4-inch length filters. Tier1 Pool and Spa filters will protect your equipment from contaminants such as sediment and sand and are engineered to outperform the competition and exceed your expectations. This filter features high durability filter fabric that maintains strength even when loaded with sediment, a tighter porosity and denser weave to capture more contaminants in less time, and a high strength, high flow core designed to support the filter while providing industry leading flow rates. Pleated media can be rinsed to prolong service life. Tier1 Pool and Spa filters will clean your water faster and more efficiently with less wear and tear on your pump. Dive in with Tier1, the water's great!
Package Qty1
Replaces FilburFC-2385
Replaces PleatcoPRB35-IN
Replaces UnicelC-4335
Pool/Spa ManufacturerTier1
Manufacturer's IdPAS-1444
Bottom Hole Size2 1/8 inches
Media Weight (oz)3
Media Square Feet35
Actual Size (in)9 1/4 inches (length) x 5 inches (outside diameter)
Actual Size (cm)23.5 x 12.7
Primary Filter MediaPleated Fabric
Filter Life (months)3 months
Warranty Guarantee30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee
Additional InformationIn Line

Reduced Contaminants

The TIER1-PAS-1444 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Sand
  • Sediment

The TIER1-PAS-1444 is comparable with the following part numbers

03FIL1300 17-2464 303557817-3501 C-4335
FC-2385 PAS-1444 PAS-1445 PRB35-IN
PRB35-IN-M R173431 R173433 SD-00198
17-2482 25393 303557 817-3501


  1. It is time to clean or replace your filter cartridge when the pressure gauge on your filter tank reaches 8 psi above the pressure recorded when a new cartridge has been installed.
  2. It is also time to clean or replace your filter cartridge if there is a noticeable decrease in the pressure coming from your return jets.
  3. Turn the power off to your pump and bleed the excess air pressure of the system using the air valve on the filter.
  4. Remove any band clamps and/or lids to your filter.
  5. Remove the cartridge from the filter canister and dislodge any loose debris by directing a stream of water from a garden hose between each pleat.
  6. Do not use a high pressure car wash wand or a stiff brush to clean your cartridge. These abrasive methods may damage the filter media and snap the bands.
  7. Apply a spray on filter cleaner to the cartridge or grid to remove any oils or other organics. If stubborn stains persist, soak the cartridge overnight in a solution of TSP (trisodium phosphate).
  8. Rinse the cartridge thoroughly with clean fresh water and return it to the filter tank. Secure the tank lid and any band clamps.
  9. Restart your filtration system per manufacturer’s instructions.

Reset Instructions