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Tier1 Iron and Lead Reducing Replacement Water Filter

Price $64.99 List Price Price $84.49 Save 23%
Availability: In Stock
Fits 20 x 4.5 inch Big Blue filter housings.
  • Provides up to 6 months of lead and iron water filtration for your entire house
  • Fits standard sized housings for 20 x 4.5 inch filters
  • 150,000 gallon at 100ppb for lead; 10,000 gallon at 3.0 ppm for iron
  • Reduces iron and lead from your drinking water
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The Tier1 iron and lead reducing replacement water filter offers the iron and lead combating capability you need to clear your water of these unwanted heavy metals. While providing a top of the line filtration this cartridge is capable of sustaining a flow rate of 4.5 gallons per minute, making it adequate to keep up with the demanding water use of modern homes. With iron removal exchange resin this cartridge is effective at reducing lead and iron in your water for an impressive 6 months of use. Get your iron and lead reducing replacement water filter by Tier1 and keep your family safe from unwanted contaminants.
Package Qty1
Used In BrandsTier1
Manufacturer's IdIRON-LEAD
Advertised Size (in)20 x 4-1/2
Actual Size (in)20 inches (length) x 4.5 inches (width) x 4.5 inches (height)
MediaIron Removal Exchange Resin
Filter Life (months)6 months
Operating Pressure (psi)20 - 100
Operating Temperature (°F)40 - 120
Flow Rate (gpm)4.5
Warranty GuaranteeTier1® Protect Every Drop Guarantee
Primary Filter MediaActivated Carbon w Ion Exchange Resin

Reduced Contaminants

The TIER1-IRON-LEAD reduces the following contaminants:

  • Iron
  • Lead